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Vuze 5.3

Vuze is essentially a remake of Azureus, a piece of software for downloading torrents. While Azureus was infamous for being a platform where illegal torrent sharing occurred, Vuze operates entirely within the legal arena. It uses the torrent client from Azureus, which is extensive and highly useful on its own, with an online system where legal video and audio downloads are plentiful.

Users of the old Azureus software will find Vuze to be a totally different ecosystem. Online media content is now the focus of the developer, and the goal is to increase user participation. When you first open Vuze, you'll see a screen that asks if you want to download, play, or find something. On the left side of the app is a file browser that includes divisions for tags, channels, and time.

At the top of the interface is a menu that connects you with the newest additions to the Vuze system. Thanks to the web2.0 foundation used by Vuze, many of the files are tagged with meta information. If you want to add you own info, you can leave comments and ratings. You can email videos through the app, and you can take advantage of hyperlinks to send users to the content from another location.

If you'd rather search for files to download, you can do so with the simple search bar. It will search only Vuze, or you can set the search results to come from any torrent site you like. The list of sites that are searched can be altered at any time.

The Azureus client speaks for itself since it was so popular for so long, and there are a few additions that try to make Vuze something unique. The Vuze HD Network contains a decent selection of legal HD content, and there are social elements for better communication. While there are a great number of channels, the selection of general content in the system is a bit lacking. Even in crisp HD, bad content is still bad content.

Like other apps of this nature, Vuze has a fairly serious issue when it comes to its use of system resources. The software requires heavy use of both your internet connection and your system RAM.

The Vuze app is deceptively simple, but that won't stop it from lagging on occasion since it has so much going on under the hood. Even without a tremendous selection of free and legal content, Vuze has the potential to become the industry standard for free torrent utility.

The most recent update to this software added a sidebar icon for compatible connected devices, and it removed a number of obsolete plugins. Some of the core code was altered to help streamline device detection, and the UI is now faster thanks to a rearrangement of the table refreshing code.


  • Completely Free
  • Open-Source
  • Many Options
  • Quick Transfers


  • Resource Heavy
  • Torrent Expirations
  • Not Optimally Intuitive

VUZE is torrent client that enables you to download torrent files, as well as search and subscribe to sites that offer them. VUZE packs a ton of useful features beneath its sleek user interface, ranging from notification options to device playback tools.

Torrent Management

VUZE's torrent management options enable you to set the priority of multiple torrents, ration your bandwidth, add tags to your torrent and categorize your downloads. The program keeps you abreast of your torrents' status by providing you with a progress meter, download speeds and estimated times of completion. Basic pause and resume functions round out VUZE's torrent management features.

Discovering New Content

VUZE's search features direct your searches through a listing of torrent tracker sites, eliminating the need to browse tracker sites individually. VUZE's subscription utility enables you to subscribe to a torrent creator. By subscribing, you'll receive updates whenever your selected torrent creator releases a new torrent. Taking the subscription function a step further is VUZE's Swarm Discovery feature.

Swarm Discovery analyzes torrent files and looks for elements that tie them to other torrents. VUZE's Swarm Discoveries make recommendations to you, helping you find new content based on the torrents you've already used. After enabling Swarm Discoveries, you can use VUZE's Swarm Search to find content related to your swarms.

Playback Options

After your torrents have completed, VUZE's playback tools facilitate the transfer of your media to your media players. VUZE can format media for playback on mobile devices, DVRs, gaming consoles and software media players. Simply dragging and dropping your downloaded media onto your playback device or utility starts the conversion process and then transfers the media. VUZE detects your playback devices and will convert your media into a compatible format before transferring it.

The Verdict

VUZE goes above and beyond the minimum requirements of a torrent manager by offering useful media management tools. VUZE covers every aspect of torrent acquisition, from searching tracker sites to transferring media to your playback devices. When it comes to torrent management software, you'll be hard pressed to find an application better than VUZE.


  • Packed with torrent management features
  • Helps you find new content
  • Formats and optimizes your content


  • None

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